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The close-knit network of correspondents in Italy and the major cities of Europe allows STUDIO LEGALE to assist its customers in the process of internationalisation and the development of business relationships with foreign partners.

In our newsletter you will find important legal information and practice-relevant legal questions relating to foreign jurisdiction.


Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and years of experience in handling legal cases relating to Italy. Some of our experts are certified lawyers both in Austria and in Italy and speak Italian as a first language. We can therefore offer comprehensive advice and representation from a single source for all legal disputes relating to the legal systems of both countries of our clients.


Through our on-site partners, we are able to assist our clients with regard to corporate law, debt collection as well as with reference to any other legal matters related to Slovenian law.


Our law firm represents and advises clients in litigation cases in Germany. We have an extensive network of partner lawyers in the major German cities and thus can provide primarily Austrian and Italian entrepreneurs with the necessary support in legal cases related to German law.

Czech Republic & Slovakia

We represent and advise companies and private individuals from the Czech Republic and Slovakia on legal cases and projects in Austria and Italy. For clients from Austria and Italy we are partners in all legal matters related to the Czech and Slovak law. Our team of Austrian, Italian and Czech lawyers offers you well founded, transnational representation and advice from a single source.

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We have responded to the ever-developing commercial relationship with Turkey and the resulting need to provide advice and support for our Austrian and Italian clients both in implementing investment projects in Turkey and enforcing claims in the Turkish courts. Through our cooperation partners in Istanbul, we are able to represent the legal interests of our clients in Turkey.

Albania and other states

Our law firm has a tight-knit network of cooperation lawyers in Albania and in many other countries. With their help, we can offer the necessary support to our clients in enforcing their claims.

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