Anwalt in Klagenfurt bespricht Rechtsgebiete mit Kollegen


The “Maggi Brandl Kathollnig Rechtsanwalts GmbH – LAW FIRM” is located in the centre of one of the most beautiful cities of Austria in Klagenfurt.

The areas of specialisation of the LAW FIRM are as follows:

Civil law international / credit recovery

As regards the recovery of debts, Studio Legale offers its customers a very strict procedure aimed at the rapid implementation of creditor claims.

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International business law and taxation

Studio Legale offers its customers services relating to the constitution and domiciliation of companies, providing assistance with regard to the choice of the legal form most appropriate to the needs of customers, including for tax optimisation purposes.

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Given its close-knit network of correspondents,Studio Legale provides assistance in case of disputes in Italy, Austria and all major European cities.

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Contracts / Real estate

Our law firm conducts due diligence on existing contracts and prepares all kinds of contracts. It is also able to draft contracts in different languages and apply the laws of different countries.
Our law firm supports clients in real estate transactions and assumes the role of  trustee in order to make real estate transactions safe for both the buyer and seller.

Ask about our inquiry form (free of charge) a sample contract.

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Criminal law

Our law firm has many years of experience in criminal law. We prepare the best legal strategy for our customers who have been accused of crimes and also assume the defence of clients in civil law cases as part of criminal proceedings.

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Administrative law

We assume the professional mandate in cases of proceedings which fall under administrative law, from practices relating to the granting of licences through to representation in estate proceedings and defence in cases of violations of the Highway Code.

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International law and family law

Our law firm represents its clients in cases involving family law and the law of succession on death. For example, our firm handles cases involving separations / divorces, maintenance payments and representation in succession on death, even where cases have an international element.

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